Human Resources Consultants, Inc. is a private not for profit corporation. The agency has a contract with Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Behavioral Health Services (DBHS), to provide services to adults with psychiatric disabilities. HRC has two programs under contract with DBHS.

The purpose of Human Resources Consultants, Inc. is to provide a comprehensive range of psychiatric, rehabilitation, advocacy and self help services for adults living in Sacramento County who have a mental health diagnosis and require mental health services. Treatment is recovery oritented with ongoing support to ensure that program participates receive mental health services that meet their individual and cultural needs.

HRC is one of four Regional Support Teams in Sacramento County. HRC serves adults in the northeast area of the county. The staff includes a medical team consisting of Psychiatrists. There are two other teams which include Clinicians / Therapists and Service Coordinators. Each cliet is assigned to tone of these two teams. Staff members speak the following languages and can provide cultural interpretation in Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Kawli, Ibo, Spanish, and Punjabi.

TCORE (Transitional Community Opportunities for Recovery and Engagement) is a collaboration between HRC and TLCS. This program provides intensive services to adults who live in Sacramento County and require more supports and services to reamin in the community. The staff includes a medical team consisting of Psychiatrists, a Nurse Practitioner, a Physician's Assistant, Nurses, and a Nursing Assistant. There are four other teams which include a Team Leader, a Clinician / Therapist, four (4) Personal Service Coordinators, and one (1) Consumer / Family Advocate. Each client is an Employment Specialist who are available to all TCORE clients. Staff members can provide cultural interpretation in the following languages: Spanish, Hmong, Laos, Thai, Punjabi, Portuguese, Hindi, Tamil, and Franch.

Consistent with the philosophy of Human Resources Consultants, Inc. and the values of the Mental Health Service Act (MHSA) the agency is dedicated to hiring persons with lived experience as a consumer and / or a family member of mental health services at all levels of the organization including service providers, management, administration, and the Board of Directors.